Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Music For The Soul #6

This Week Il Give u som Spring Music To Go With The Sunny Weather

Post Pop Depression : By: Iggy Pop

Fave songs: 1. Break In to Your Heart 2. American Valhalla 5. Sunday

I Thought I Was An Alien : By : Soko

Fave songs:1. I Just Want To Make It With You 2. I thought I Was An Alien 3. People Always Look Better In The Sun 16. Fake It Until You Make It

The Velvet Underground And Nico : By: The Velvet Underground


Fave Songs: 1. Sunday Morning 2. Im Waiting For My Man 4. Venus In Furs 7. Heroin 

The Rip Tide : By : Beirut

Fave songs: 1. A Candles Fire 2. Santa Fe 5. Payne´s Bay 7. Vagabond

Midnight Boom : By : The Kills

Fave songs: 2. Cheap And Cheerful 3. Tape Song 5. Last Days Of Magic 9. Sour Cherry 10. Alphabet pony 12. Goodnight Bad Morning

Hope it gave u some good vibes this sunny Wednesday!
Love X Anna

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