Sunday, 22 May 2016

White flowers and lace

On this grey Sunday il give u this romantic look, with lace, flowers and denim.
Al dressed in vintage with clothes and accessoires for like nothing . 
To show u that its possible to dress in nice clothes,
 but still for a very cheap price when u live in Paris. :)

Im Wearing:

Black basic Body (Zara) - Freep´star - 1€
Shirt - Fleamarket - 5 €
Lace jacket - Guerisol - 4 €
Levis 501 - Kiloshop -14€
Converse shoes - Kiloshop st germain - 9€
Leather bag - Kiloshop Le Marais - 8€
Earrings - Forever 21 - 4€

Total look: 46€

Photos taken by: Giseleisnerdy <3

In: La défense - Paris

Hope u have a good Sunday
Love X Anna

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

5 Series/ Movies to pick you up on a rainy day

On this rainy Wednesday (at least in Sweden ) 
im going to share five of my best ways of getting back to the kick as you that you are if you 
..Feel down, have a bit of trouble with your moral, having "one of those days"
or its just grey and raining outside = the Movies and series i been watching lately.


Its seriously one of the most funny movies I've seen so far this year,
I laughed so much i had stomach ake after.
 It will give you at least a tiny smile on your Face :)
 if not its a really good movie.


The last season of Girls i so funny, i liked al of them but the first and the last are the best ones.
 Its kind of sex and the city ish but like in real life, 
with stuff that actually could and happens to real people.. you laugh a lot.


Its an american / Korean animated series About a boy named Finn 
and his adoptive brother and best friend Jake The dog, 
when they protect the citizens of the land of Ooo from Foes in various shapes.
Its completely mental and genius. 
they probably took Lsd or something before doing this series haha 
otherwise i dont know how they made it al up. anyways its amazing <3


Is a series that takes place in the north were we get to follow the story of some vikings
 one of them in particular Ragnar lodbrok, 
and were the ladies are as badass or even more badass then the guys
 with amazing hair braids everytime. 

- WILD -

A movie about a girl that decides to walk 1,100 mile solo hike
 as a way to recover from a recent personal tragedy and to find herself.
 I know it sounds a bit lame but its really good, and it makes u wanna go traveling the world like - right now. 

Hope you found some rainy day inspiration :)
Love X Anna

Monday, 16 May 2016

Brades X Leopard X Kånken X Denim

Im Wearing:

Green top: H&M : 15€
Leopard Jacket: Zara: Secondhand : 15€
Earrings: Forever 21: 5€
Levis 501: Kiloshop Le Marais: 14€
Scarf: Kiloshop Le Marais: 8€
BackPack: Kånken, Fjällräven: gift
Dr.Martens: 130€

Photos taken by: <3

Happy Monday and start of the week!

Love X Anna

Friday, 13 May 2016

On My Wish List

Hi guys, I've been a bit distracted lately, its the end of the semester and i have a crazy amount of work to do school wise.. thats why this week has been without any posts on the blog,  took the time to check out asos the other day though, and this is some of my fave things , thats on my wish list.. hope it gives you some inspiration! Lately pastels (pink, blue) transparent and metallic fabric and denim is what I'm craving, i also have a massive thing for co ords.. like pants and top thats in same color fabric or skirt top , you get it.. you will see a post about that later on next week ;)   

You can find the items here:

>>Denim Dress<<

Have a good weekend 
Love X Anna

Friday, 6 May 2016

Sunshine On My Window, Makes Me Happy

Im Wearing:
Dress: Vintage: 4 €
Lace Jacket: Kiloshop le Marais : 9 €
Dr.martens: Dr.Martens, Les Halles :130 €
Glasses: H&M : 7 €

Braid made from the  tutorial of the beautiful Swannandtheberries :)

Photos Taken By: Giseleisnerdy <3

Happy Friday 
Love X Anna

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Monday, 2 May 2016

Kimono And Redlips

Im Wearing:

Kimono: Kiloshop, Kawaii : 18 €
Top: Neew Look : 12 €
Jeans: Lee, Vintage : 11 €
Golden bag: Top Shop :39 €
Pompoms and Anchor: H &M and Ginta Tricot : 5€, 5€, 7€
Necklace: Urban outfitters : 7€
Sailors cap: Kiloshop, Le Marais : 21 €
Shoes: Dr. Martens, Vintage : 20 €
Sparkly Socks: Urban Outfitters : 8 €

Photos Taken By: Giseleisnerdy <3

At St. Michel

Have a Lovely Monday and Start of your Week!

Love X Anna