Monday, 11 April 2016

Elipsis X LinaPoum

 A few weeks ago my friend Emilie took me with her to discover the showroom and boutique of two amazing woman, I got the chance to meet Camille and Emeline, both  of them creates beautiful things and each of them have a really cool univers. 
Camille is the founder of the brand Elipsis , and hand makes gorgeous bags, backpacks, clutches etc. with her own gorgeous prints. I instantly fell in love with one of her backpacks with black color splashes al over it an bright neon orange straps and black leather details. It such a perfect size and an awsome detail to ad to a simpel outfit to ad som peps. Anyways im gonna let Her bags speak for them selfs, Ive made some looks with a few pieces from her latest collection coming up in the week. like that u can decide for your selfs :) on top of it they are up for grabs for a really reasonable price! 
Emeline is the founder of the brand Lina Poum, and makes jewlery with soul, color , simplicity and always with a little  chic and cool twist. i love her earrings that often are asymmetric. If you want to check out what they do..

The Backpack : 37 €
Clutch : 30 €
Little bag : 22 €

You can find the boutique >> Here << and Lina Poums webshop >> Here <<

Have a Lovely Monday
Love X Anna

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