Thursday, 28 April 2016

She Said I do // L´ Atelier De Swan

A few weeks ago my Dear friend Emilie asked me if i would be interested in a shooting that her friend Marine was organizing together with l`Atelier Swan. I got in contact with Marine thats such a lovely person, And i said YES, there is not everyday you get the chance to wear beautiful dresses like the ones that the l´Atelier Swan makes. At the moment i didn't know that i was going to be the bride to be , And then Marine asked me if i would be ok with that and i said YES again haha :) so i spent a really sunny Sunday in the nice company of these beautiful girls:  Marine, EmilieJohanna and Fatou !  So happy too get to know them! Getting pampered with makeup and hair to pizza and Beoncey that the super cool talendted girls from l`Atelier Swan treated us! and taken on photo by the talented Juliette ! Its funny cus after a while u really get in to the role, with Emilie and the other girls being there getting prepared being al fancy i started feeling like i was really getting married haha.

I Had a really funny amazing day with these power Ladies, with loads of laughs, crab walking in to high heals ( thanks Marine for being there on my side crab walking with me ;) with my boob slipping out like a million times (oh yes , wearing wedding dresses aren't as easy as it looks nice) 
Thanks to Marine that organized al this for her blog Shesaidido and l´Atelier Swan for letting me Wear your dress!
Hope u guys enjoy the photos as much as i did being there. 

Preparation avant shooting.. 

Jolie Robes par L`Atelier Swan and Jolie deco , fait par jolie Marine The She Said I Do ..

 Ready For Shooting with The Talented Juliette That took al these amazing photos..

I had the honor of beeing the bride..

The Gorgeous Bridesmades...

Your in luck, the 4 Beautiful tutus are up for grabs in the competition u can find here by l´Atelier Swan <3

And .. 1.2....3

Happy Thursday!
Love X Anna

Monday, 25 April 2016

Music For The Soul # 7

This Week im going to be a bit nostalgic and give you some music i used to listen to a long time ago. hope u like it!

Wolfmother : By : Wolfmother

>> Wolfmother <<

Fave Songs: 2. Woman 3. White Unicorn 6. Joker & The Thief 12 . Vagabond

Satan I Gatan : By : Veronica Maggio

Fave Songs: 1. Satan I Gatan 3. Jag Kommer 5. Vi Kommer Alltid Ha Paris 6. Inga Kl├Ąder

Dying To Say This To You : By : The Sounds

Fave Songs: 2. Queen Of Apology 3. Tony The Beat 5. Painted By Numbers 8 . Hurt You

Is This It : By : The Strokes

>> Is This It <<

Fave Songs: 1. Is This It 4. Someday 5. Last Night 9. Take It Or Leave It

Our Ill Wills : By : Shout Out Louds

Fave Songs : 1. Tonight I Have To Leave It 2. Your Parents Living room 6. Impossible 7.Normandie

Happy Monday, and hope u guys have a good start of your week 
Love X Anna

Friday, 22 April 2016


>>Vagabond <<

Im Wearing:
Suade Fringe Jacket: Kiloshop, Le Marais : 25
Sports Bra : Calvin Clein : 34
Transparant shirt : Monki, On Sale : 10
Black Pants : H&M : 15
Dr. Martens : Vintage : 25
Hat: Forever 21: 19
Sparkly socks: Urban Outfitters : 7
***BackPack : Elipsis : 37

***Sponsored blogpost
Photos Taken By : Sheitani <3

Happy Weekend!
Love X Anna