Thursday, 29 September 2016

Be Younique

Hi darlings!

Todays post is about one of the most important things in life, about staying YOU and  staying true to your youniquenes! Whatever that means. That often also means that you are going to have to take loads off shit in your face ,for free. From people that doesn't understand you or how you dress, or talk or walk etc. But you know what? Thats just because they are afraid of the unknown, unexplainable and cuz they dont have the courage you have, to be themselves and to shine as bright as they could. Its easier to just call people freaks ..So keep your head high no matter what and be YOUNIQUE, cus you are awsome just as you are!

And remember..
Beauty always comes from strange places.

Anywaaays ...

Im wearing :

Sailor hat from : Kiloshop, in the Marais - 21 €
T-Shirt from : Stradivarius, on sale - 4.99 €
Levis shorts: Kiloshop, in the Marais- 29 €
Belt : Vintage standards - 4 €
Socks : New look : 3.99 €
Worn out doc`s : Vintage : 20 €
Nike bag : : 17.33€

Photos taken by My bestie Izzie ---- >> Fashion Et Moi

In Bristol

Have a good Thursday!

Love X Anna

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Some Sunday inspiration :)
Hope u had a good weekend!

Love X Anna

Friday, 23 September 2016

Best Of Spring/ Summer Ready To Wear 2017 / New York / London

Hi Babes! 

Happy Friyaaaay :) I dont know why but waking up friday mornings always put a big smile on my face! hope u guys had a good week. I admit I've been terrible at blogging lately, i guess getting back to real life after the vacay isn't as easy as one thinks. Its soon to be Paris fashion week again and im so stoked about it . I always find some of my greatest inspirations from the different runways, and i love love watching the street style after. Anyway i did a little summary of the brands and looks i liked the best so far.. hope u enjoy! xx 


 One of my absolute favorites, mixing lingerie with leather, studs, denim, velvet and flowers in a western spirit = Best combination ever. <3

Diane Von Furstenberg

 Just so beautiful, silhouettes , materials and colors.

Alexander Wang

 90`s BABY! scuba diving tissue, cut out dresses, bleached hair ,flames and leopard <3

Versus Versace

 All Black, All Leather = Darkness <3


 Amazing Dresses in dreamy creams, gold in lace with fur.

Marques Almeida

 Love the fact that he used "Non mannequin girls" letting them be a part in styling his pieces with their own touch. Metallics, stripes, flowers and bubble gum pink hair.

Molly Goddard

 Amazing Dreamy cupcake dresses.

Marc Jacobs

Amazing Platform shoes, and a collection to DIE for, Favorite = Metallic fur biker jacket in pastel blue <3 

Ashley Williams

90`s Babes.

And to finish of some of the street style i adored <3
Have a good weekend lovs, may amour rain on youuuu!

Love X Anna

Friday, 16 September 2016

Joe le Taxi

Im Wearing: 

Leather jacket- Culture Vintage - 139 €
Denim pants - Levis - Kiloshop le Marais - 15 €
Jumper - H&M - 4 €
Worn out Dr.Martens - Vintage - 20 €
Necklace - Asos. com - 8 €
Heart ring - Made by a friend - Gift
Sailors cap - Vintage - Kiloshop le marais - 21€
                                              Black Nike sports bag : - 17.33 €

Photos taken by : Izzie Hardy from the blog : Fashion et moi 
Photos taken in : Bristol

Happy Weekend Babes!!

Love X Anna

Friday, 9 September 2016

Denim X Pastel X Love X Zaful

Hi Babes

Its FINALLY FRIIIYAAAAY!  woop wooop to celebrate that the weekend is here i will post a pastel dreamy look. That i took a while back when i was visiting one of my best friends in Bristol. The Denim dress im wearing has been perfect this summer , cus u can either were it a bit more relaxed with a pair of sandals and a sun hat or dress it up for the evening with some nice accessories and some heels!  its from and u can find it ----> HERE <----

Photos taken By: Izzie Hardy from the blog --> Fashion Et Moi

Place: Bristol

Happy Weekend

Love X Anna

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Asos X Cravings

The summer is over, or soon to be, and with atoumn comes cravings for som new stuff in ones wardrobe.. this is on my Wishlist..

U Can Find The Items Here:

Transparent pink sheer dress : - 24 €
Silver hoops : - 9.33€
Dark red Checked shirt : - 46.67€
Dark Orange Velvet Bomber Jacket : - 26.67€
Silver Strappy dress : Asos. com - 34.67€
Powder pink dress : - 46.67€
Red of Shoulders Top : - 37.33€
Tattoo choker : - 6.67€
Black boots with stars - - 166.99€

Love X Anna

Monday, 5 September 2016

Satin Bomber Jacket X Zaful

Hi Lov´s 
Im back from a well needed vacation, spent in Barcelona and Sweden with my magic Man. 
4 weeks of laughing till my stomach hurts, eating to much pizza seeing friends and family i love with al my heart and being one with the nature. The batteries are charged, and im back in Paris with loads of new goals and decisions to be made about an exiting future and hopefully in a while also a new adventure..

Anyway, you will be seeing more from my vacay later on in the week or over the weeks to come!

As for the bomber jacket still being everywhere in the shops for this autumn , in al types of tissues, prints and materials i will be starting of this week with a look around this awesome  >> Green satin bomber <<  that i got from >> <<! its not to warm so its perfect now in the transition time between summer and autumn and later on when it gets colder i will be wearing it with different layers under and over. 

I just discovered and so like al first times u never now what to expect when you make an order, The delivery was very quick and the size of the jacket was like i hoped for and wanted it to be! and the quality awsome for the price that you pay! can deffo recommend the site if you want to find some nice stuff for a not to prizy price :) you can find the green bomber jacket

Im Wearing:
White dress : Forever 21 - 12 €
Black crop top : H&M - 4.99 €
White New Era cap : Asos.Com - 17.33 €
Black tattoo choker necklace : - 8€
Black Nike sports bag : - 17.33 €
Adidas socks : - 13.33 €
Watch from: H&M - 14.99 €
Moon Ring from : Primark - 2.99 €
Worn out Dr. Martens: secondhand - 20 € 

Photos taken by : Izzie Hardy from the blog : Fashion et moi 
Photos taken in : Bristol

Have a lovely start of the week

Love X Anna