Monday, 29 February 2016

Muisc For The Soul #4

New week new music, or old. Lately I've been going back listening a hole lot to the music i used to listen to when i was younger, like Curt cobain and Nirvana, The Smashing pumpkins etc. so this weeks Music for the Soul im giving you some good old Grunge And rock n`roll. enjoy x

Nevermind :By: Nirvana

(I know, i know it might be the most famous ones but it doesn't change that some of my favorite songs al time are on that awesome album)

Fave songs: 5: Lithium 6: Polly 8: Drain you 12: Something in the way 1:Smells like teen spirit 3: Come as you are

Live Trough This : By: Hole

Fave songs: 1. Violet 2. Miss World 5. Jennifer`s Body 9. She Walks On Me

Mellon Collie And The Infinet Sadness : By: The Smashing Pumpkins

Fave Songs: 3. JellyBelly 6. Bullet With Butterfly Wings 9. Love 18. 1979 24. Beautiful

Hisingen Blues: By: Graveyard

Fave songs: 1. Ain`t Fit To Live Here 3. Hisingen Blues 5. Buying truth

The Runaways : By: The Runaways

Fave songs: 1. Cherry Bomb 3. Is It Day Or Night 6. Lovers 7. American Nights 10. Dead And Justice

Love X Anna

Friday, 26 February 2016

Sunshine On My Window Makes Me Happy

Shirt - H&M - 19 €
Jumper - Emmaus - 4€
Bag - Stradivarius - 9.99€
Belt - Kiloshop , le Marais - 3€
Jeans - H&M- on sale -9.99€
***Socks - Dresslink -1.20€
Shoes - Monki - 39€

Photos taken by the lovely Gisèle <3

Have a good weekend 

Love X Anna

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lush Life

>> Lush Life <<

White Coat - Kiloshop, In the marais - 16 €
Scarf - Gina tricot - 9.99 €
T shirt - H&M - 7 €
Cardigan - Åhlens - 39 €
Ripped denim jeans - Kiloshop, In the Marais - 14 €
Shoes - Dr. Martens - 129 €
Transparent Backpack - Americanapparel - 69 €
***Sunglasses - Dresslink - 1.99 €

Photos taken by the lovely Giséle <3

 Love X Anna

Friday, 19 February 2016

Best Of NYFW 2016

I checked out  the Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2016-2017 shows from NYFW  to get some inspiration and i got really surprised in how many of the different shows that were just breath taking and amazing. I wanted to share my favorites with you, here they are.


In the Row: nude colors, simplicity and beautiful cuts really feminine but in an empowering way.


 Rodarte: Lace ,Lace and Lace , fishnet stockings blacks and whites and dark lips. there is nothing not to love.


Jeremy Scott: BARBIE BARBIE BARBIE, Metal and 80`s cuts.


Nicholas K : Mad max meets aviator in a beautiful mix of materials ( leather, velvet, silk) layers and different cuts, devine.


Christian Siriano: Red lips,  Yellow, Red, transparent material and beautiful cuts.


Marc Jacobs: With a Punk Spirit, Lace, Leather, feathers and fur are nicely mix´t together with awsome shoes as the cherry on the top.


Tommy Hilfiger: Is my favorite on a shared first place with Marc Jacobs, the show is sailor inspired but really girly, With silk flowery materials, a pyjama feeling and babydoll in the same time. i would wear every piece.

Have a lovely Friday!
Love X Anna

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mr Moon

>> Mr Moon <<

Levis Denim jacket - Kiloshop , Le Marais - 48€
White Knitted Cardigan - Kiloshop, Le Marais - 9€
Dress - Kiloshop, Le Marais - 7€
Belt - H&M - 9€
Fakefur hat -Vintage - 29€
Boots - Kiloshop, St Germain - 12 €

Photos taken by Gisele <3

Love X Anna

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday Wishlist

In this grey cold time of the year the one thing i long for the most is the sun , warmth and spring time with everything that comes along. More energy, Have the sun in your face when you go outside, not being obliged to wear million layers of clothes, having a tan and not looking like a white ghost everytime you look at yourself in the mirror. I'm so looking forward to go on holiday and weekend get aways to different places. and  most of all for the spring to come along. here´s some of the things thats on my wishlist from asos that makes me think of springtime. 
Have an amazing sunday!

Adidas Sweat - Asos - 73.24€
Iron Patch from Skinny dip - Asos - 7.04€
Nike shoes - Asos - 101.40€
Transparent socks - Asos - 5.63€
Pastel beach radio - Asos - 50.70€
Cactus phone case - Asos - 25.35€

Love X Anna

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

State Of Elevation

Jacket - Guerisol, Paris -10 €
Sparkly Cardigan - Kiloshop,le Marais, Paris -9€
70´s pasley turtle neck, Kiloshop Kawaii, Paris - 6€
Dungaree denim skirt - Zara, on sale - 12€
Converse shoes - Kiloshop, le Marais, Paris - 9 €
Fake fur ball - Gina tricot - 7€

Photos taken by Giséle <3

Love X Anna