Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I found this amazing lace dress in the H&M sales for like 7 € and got really exited, its al transparent aswell so you can "change" it with how, and what u wear under and over it, to have different looks. For this look i pared it up with this grungy T-shirt i got from Dresslink, to get different layers and materials, this romantic bomber jacket with its massive fake fur collar , some chokers and a black flower crown also from the H&M sales for like 2 €.
Ive always been working during the sales every year  almost ( been working in hole sale) so im always fed up and rarely never go when im of work, but this year with me doing my studies and not working that much i actually went , but at the last last moment. And i have to admit that i understand why people do the sales, cus u can find really nice pieces for like nothing. Anyway hope u like it :) have an amazing wednesday!

>> Lithium <<

Jacket: Culture vintage, Bhv -35€
Lace dress: H&M (on sale) - 7€
**T-Shirt - Dresslink - 4.46 €
Belt - H&M - 5.99 €
Choker - H&M - 6€
Flower Dr.martens - vintage - 20€
Piercing - Etsy - 12€

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Photos is taken by the lovely Giséle <3

Love X Anna

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