Monday, 29 February 2016

Muisc For The Soul #4

New week new music, or old. Lately I've been going back listening a hole lot to the music i used to listen to when i was younger, like Curt cobain and Nirvana, The Smashing pumpkins etc. so this weeks Music for the Soul im giving you some good old Grunge And rock n`roll. enjoy x

Nevermind :By: Nirvana

(I know, i know it might be the most famous ones but it doesn't change that some of my favorite songs al time are on that awesome album)

Fave songs: 5: Lithium 6: Polly 8: Drain you 12: Something in the way 1:Smells like teen spirit 3: Come as you are

Live Trough This : By: Hole

Fave songs: 1. Violet 2. Miss World 5. Jennifer`s Body 9. She Walks On Me

Mellon Collie And The Infinet Sadness : By: The Smashing Pumpkins

Fave Songs: 3. JellyBelly 6. Bullet With Butterfly Wings 9. Love 18. 1979 24. Beautiful

Hisingen Blues: By: Graveyard

Fave songs: 1. Ain`t Fit To Live Here 3. Hisingen Blues 5. Buying truth

The Runaways : By: The Runaways

Fave songs: 1. Cherry Bomb 3. Is It Day Or Night 6. Lovers 7. American Nights 10. Dead And Justice

Love X Anna

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