Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday Wishlist

In this grey cold time of the year the one thing i long for the most is the sun , warmth and spring time with everything that comes along. More energy, Have the sun in your face when you go outside, not being obliged to wear million layers of clothes, having a tan and not looking like a white ghost everytime you look at yourself in the mirror. I'm so looking forward to go on holiday and weekend get aways to different places. and  most of all for the spring to come along. here´s some of the things thats on my wishlist from asos that makes me think of springtime. 
Have an amazing sunday!

Adidas Sweat - Asos - 73.24€
Iron Patch from Skinny dip - Asos - 7.04€
Nike shoes - Asos - 101.40€
Transparent socks - Asos - 5.63€
Pastel beach radio - Asos - 50.70€
Cactus phone case - Asos - 25.35€

Love X Anna

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