Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Le grand 8

I love when there is Ephemeral Expositions in and around Paris.
 It doesn't happen very often , but when it does its awsome. 
This summer the Inzouk association made a Ephemeral expo  in Mallakoff for five months called "Le Grand 8".
Were they let various street artists expos their art. 
And people come see it for a modest sum of 3€, 
that is so great cus its not about gaining money its al about the art and the artists,
 and that everybody should be able to take part and see it. 

You can't visit "Le grand 8" Anymore but i recommend the expositions at Palais De Tokyo 
.. they are more or less always a bit different and interesting!

Have a good Tuesday!!

Love X Anna

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