Thursday, 29 September 2016

Be Younique

Hi darlings!

Todays post is about one of the most important things in life, about staying YOU and  staying true to your youniquenes! Whatever that means. That often also means that you are going to have to take loads off shit in your face ,for free. From people that doesn't understand you or how you dress, or talk or walk etc. But you know what? Thats just because they are afraid of the unknown, unexplainable and cuz they dont have the courage you have, to be themselves and to shine as bright as they could. Its easier to just call people freaks ..So keep your head high no matter what and be YOUNIQUE, cus you are awsome just as you are!

And remember..
Beauty always comes from strange places.

Anywaaays ...

Im wearing :

Sailor hat from : Kiloshop, in the Marais - 21 €
T-Shirt from : Stradivarius, on sale - 4.99 €
Levis shorts: Kiloshop, in the Marais- 29 €
Belt : Vintage standards - 4 €
Socks : New look : 3.99 €
Worn out doc`s : Vintage : 20 €
Nike bag : : 17.33€

Photos taken by My bestie Izzie ---- >> Fashion Et Moi

In Bristol

Have a good Thursday!

Love X Anna

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