Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Work Work Work Work

I never really talked about what i do for a living, I'm a visual merchandiser and been working in fashion and sales for over 11 years now. time flies by so fast haha . When i started i worked for a brand called Carlings in Sweden for 5 years , and here in paris I've been working for  Kiloshop the last 4 for years now.  In between the two  i worked at kennedys and american apparel as a sales advisor. Its so different working with vintage clothes , cus it gives you so much freedom to really have fun and so many amazing pieces to work with. One of my bosses just opened a new vintage store near st. michel called : Vintage Standard. with really cheap vintage clothes and the space is amazing. i helped out with the opening of the shop and thought i show u guys some of my work!
If you have time and like vintage clothes you should deffo stop by.

>> Work <<

have a lovely wednesday babes!

Love X Anna

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