Tuesday, 21 June 2016

4 Things / My June Favorites

So i never did a beauty post before, 
but i wanted to try it out and share some of my fave beauty products at the moment with you guys.
im a half-time student and half-time working kindow girl,
 witch means that my budget for beauty products is low. 
but i found some really cool budget alternatifs that i really lov.. 
that i wanted to share with you today. 
enjoy X

I always use to wear Alien by Thierry mugler as my evening, going out,
 winter, half of the year kindow parfume. 
And then recently, I found this lovely parfume called  Amber Vanilla at no other place then Zara
 for only 8€ that really resembles Alien, but obviously a whole lot cheaper , on top of it it stays on al day long, or al night...

In daytime and the summer half of the year i always wear Chloé by Chloé, 
and then i found floral bouquet by Zara as a cheaper alternative for only 9€..

When it comes to my hair it starts to get really long, 
( yaaay maby its going to be mermaid long for the new year like i hoped for in my hopes and wishes for 2016 ) anyway, on top of it i recently decided do go more towards my real hair color instead of the black, 
which means to bleach and that the hair gets damaged and dry. 
Therefore its so important to have a good shampoo, balsam, masque and hair oil for the damaged ends.
 I tried a lot of different brands but one of my favorite less pricy once is Aussi, my shampoo, balsam and masque comes from them and are really good and smells like  candy. 
but my favorite product is their 3 Miracle hair oil and reconstructor, 
that makes your hair silky smooth for 9.90€..

I dont know about you, but i start to feel like my age = big bags under the eyes in the morning.
 Im also having a hard time not looking tired, 
i found this amazing serum from clinique called : All about eyes,
 witch is a de-puffing eye massage serum, 
that makes it a bit easyer to wake up in the morning
 and takes the puffines around the eyes down.
It also lighten up your skin color under the eyes in longterm and in a cool massaging way,
 its 33€ but it lasts for ever and are really a treat for the eyes in the morning.

 And last but not least a treat for the nails! 
i have to admit that nail polish is one of my many passions and i have far to many at home..
 but i dont wear that much jewelry, 
so i it has become one of my ways to accesorise what im wearing 
or a way to ad some color or peps to an outfit.
 these two colors from American apparel are my two favorites at the moment,
 "hassid" and this glitter one. 
there a bit pricy 9€ but they last for a long time and gives a nice result.

Have a lovely tuesday!

Bisous X Anna

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