Sunday, 7 February 2016

Yellow Marble X Polette

Hey babes,  so I've been looking for a nice pair of sunglasses for a while now, to be more precise since this summer. Cus i always seem to loose mine..everytime .  I don't know how i do it but i do  haha. Thats also why i don't want to spend to much money on a pair,( cus i don't really seam to know how to keep them for long) :P the same time I'm not that keen of using cheap glasses without Uv protection. Anyway I  found this brand called Polette, And got really surprised by their low prices, good quality And amazing frames. They do really nice frames and so many different styles for men and women. More classical ones and a some with a bit more of an edge to them. I fell in love with these ones that I'm wearing in my OOTD, in marble with brown toned mirror glass. They also do Normal glasses. I'm thinking about getting these ones, been wanting a pair with metal frames and that 70´s vibe... or mayby these from their new collection.  So this is my tip of the weekend if u need glasses or sunglasses (or both like me ) and have a tight budget but still wants good quality and the latest fashion, check out pollete´s website!!

Sailors cap - vintage - kiloshop, in the Marais - 21 €
***Sunglasses - Polette - 19.99 €
Jumpsuit - H&M- On sale - 5 €
Velvet Blazer - Zara - 39 €
Neclace - H&M - On sale - 3 €
Bag -H&M -On sale - 7 €
Pastel blue pompom - Ginatricot -7 €
Bracelet - H&M - On Sale - 1 €
Shoes - Doctor Martins - 130 €
Scarf - Kilo shop, in the Marais - 10 €

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Fotos taken by the lovely Giséle <3
love X Anna

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