Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Music for the soul

Sooo.. one´s a week I'm going to share some of my best music albums with u guys, not only because I'm passionate about music but also cus i love when other people make me discover new bands and songs, musisians , voices and  different universes.  just letting yourself go and make your head stop spinning around , thinking, complicating things and just focusing on the energi and the music for a moment is really good for the soul. 

this week il give u, five of my best wintery, before bedtime, cosy evening or earlymorning albums.

What will be  - by the magic : Devendra Banhart

fave song/s: 1: Can`t help but smiling , 3: Baby  and 11 : Brindo

The wild hunt - by : The Tallest Man on Earth

fave song/s: 5: The drying of the lawns , 6: King of Spain  and 9: A Lions heart

Either / or - by the  : Elliot smith

fave song/s: 4:Between the bars 7: Rose Parade

The Beautiful lie - by : Ed Harcourt

fave song/s: 5: the last cigarette, 2: Visit from the dead dog and 4: shadow boxing 

Late Night Tales :Air - with Air

fave song/s : 10: Loving you and 12: la long de la riviere Tendre

Hope u enjoy some of the music :)
 love x Anna

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