Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy Hopes and wishes for 2016

Hello :) 
I hope u had an amazing new years and a amazing start of the new year,  and that u feel happy and peaceful.
I had two weeks of vacation , and it did me good. to go back to Sweden and meet friends and family, eat good food and then to go to Rennes and Nantes to celebrate a second christmas and new years with my man. Sometimes i think we al need to go back to basics, breath and think about whats important in life, or not to think that much at al and just have a good time with the people u love around you. simplicity. As human beings we tend to always complicate things to much , and forget about the simpel things in life, im the first one to do that.

I find it good to change some things everytime we go in to a new year, to get rid of weight that holds us back and brings us down, or are just simply unnecsessary. And give myeself a fresh start with some newness in to my life, Try to work on my well being of body spirit and soul. i was never one for patterns and always doing the same things. I love exploring discovering new countries cultures and people. And hope that i will do more of that this year.
the feeling of freedom , when your on your way to new adventures with just a back pack on your back and you dont know whats about to happened or what you are going to experience is so liberating.

I used to make new years resolutions for a long time, but i find that they often put such a pressure on me, and not in a good way. if i dont do them i always feel a bit disappointed about my self. so this year i decided not to make new year resolutions but to write down my hopes and wishes for the year 2016.  
Some more serious ones,that will give me a challenge and motivation and loads of small ones, that could be about anything really. like that there are more of a chance that they will come trough :) 

Some of my bigger goals this year is to:

  • Finish my studies and take the time to figure out were i want to go from there, maby check out some other interesting classes either in Paris our Sweden.
  • Take my drivers license, im 27, this is the year il make it happen , or hope so at least. 
  • Travel as much as i can, far away and not nesecarely far away , i would love to discover france and its beauty a bit more and do a Sweden tour and visit everybody i love. go back to my roots and share the experience with my boyfriend. but also do tiny weekend traveling with friends or to visit friends. 
  • FINALLY start tattooing, its something I’ve been wanting and saying for 3 years now, hopefully il make it happen 2016.
  • Develop my blog and its content, as u can see im a newbie blogger and havent been doing this for a long time, but i love it  and learn as i go. im going to try have more diversity in my content and put up new bloggpost more often and regulary during the week. take it to another level :)
  • Start saving up for world traveling with my partner in crime and love of my life.

Some of my smaller ones (but not less important):

  •  Start saying I will and I can - not I could or I can’t.
  • Listen to my body and mind and take care of them both, the food i eat, exercising, dancing , painting, but most importantly staying positiv, and focusing on everyting and everyone that makes me happy and the other way around. stop complecating life and aprechiate the small things, and big. just live in the moment.
  • Learn Italian, i find it to be such a beautiful language and it would be so nice to be able to speak to my boyfriends grandmother next christmas.
  • start bringing my camera everywhere and take photos of paris, and my loved ones.
  • learn how to develop my own photos, à la old school.
  • clean out our apartment of shit i dont need,  and clothes i dont wear.
  • and remake our living space.
  • start writing a diary, and actually do it more than 3 weeks.
  • push my self more out of my comfort zone.
  • see more music conserts.
  • let my hair grow mermaid long.
  • let go of things and people that just inflict negativity.
  • be more in the now and less on the computer, create, read.
  • belive in myself, and the power with in.

im curious to see what 2016 brings, hope u find what u looking for and achieve what u have on your lists.  HAPPY 2016!!

love xx Anna

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  1. Yaaaay! You can do it girl!
    Also you MUST start tattooing this year! xxxx